ICCI 2022

ICCI 2022

Exhibition Name: ICCI 2022

When: 16 – 18 March, 2022

Where: Istanbul Expo Center

Having made 95 billion dollars investment, including privatization tenders in the last 16 years and having largely completed the first stage of the growth process, our energy market has now entered the development and maturation process. This process also commenced a process of change and transformation which will
ensure financial sustainability, increase liquidity and depth and give further momentum to investments.

Having completed the first stage of the growth process, the Turkish energy market has become the tenth largest energy market of OECD (Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development). In terms of size, the electricity market ranked the 4th and the natural gas market ranked the 3rd. The electricity market made about 36
billion dollars contribution to GNP with about 25 billion dollars turnover on an annual basis and became one of the largest value chains in Turkey.

Located perhaps in the warmest geography of the world energy market, Turkey is expected to increase its regional trade opportunities, enlarge its energy industry with new investments and integrate technological transformation to its market in the short term.

In this context, as ICCI International Energy – Environment Fair and Conference, we concentrate our efforts to create an efficient, effective, reputable and high quality communication and event platform and maintain the contribution that we have made to the last 29 years of this growth and development process.

Facts and figures of ICCI 2019:

  • 170 exhibitors including co-exhibitors
  • 15.123 Professional visitors from 45 different countries
  • 7500 sqmS area of Istanbul Expo Center
  • About 250 expert speakers in total of 37 Sessions during 3 days in 5 Conference Rooms


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